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Camping is addictive!

I have been trapped for a long time in a city full of steel and concrete, and I always want to escape to the nature to catch my breath. Carrying a lot of equipment, driving a car, fled the city and returned to nature. People who like camping are often asked the following questions: Are you tired of camping? Isn’t it hot? Is not It Cold? Will there be bugs? Wouldn’t it be inconvenient? Isn’t it fragrant to stay at home comfortably? Naturally, camping is of course tiring and of course inconvenient, but for those who love the outdoors and love camping, none of the above problems are a problem. After every “toss” I return, I always plan the next camping with my friends and look forward to the next departure. However, when camping is particularly “hot” today, finding a place less crowded has become one of the focuses every time you plan to camp.

“This time I will introduce to you my personal favorite campground, Fumotoppara campground. I came here for the first time at the beginning of this year. Because there are so many campsites around Mount Fuji, I have made a lot of comparisons and spotlights on the Internet. I finally chose this place. The biggest feature of this campsite is the nearby Mount Fuji, which has a large grassland 100 times the area of ​​Tokyo Dome. It is located on the scenic Asagiri Plateau, surrounded by virgin forests, often wild The deer are hanging around nearby. There are many campsites scattered around the bathroom and toilet. It is very convenient. Because the Asagiri Plateau is close to Mount Fuji and 800 meters above sea level, the climate is changeable, and you need to be prepared for rain and snow at any time. If you want to If you see Mount Fuji, it’s best to stay for a few more days and wait for the rain clouds to clear. Don’t enter the campsite forest without a guide. Japan’s ecological environment is good, and there are many wild boars and bears in the mountains!”

“This place is Lake Motosu, located at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. It was the first time I set foot here in August last year because of work. Friends from Tokyo led the way and brought us here to shoot an outdoor brand. Everyone in Mount Fuji, Japan. You should know that this location is directly under Mount Fuji, and next to it is the famous “suicide forest”-Aoki Yuanshuhai. At that time, we drove to this lake, the scenery deeply attracted me, camping by the river, The kayaking and the little children playing with dogs in the water are particularly beautiful in this beautiful natural scenery. At that moment, they decided to plunge into the camping life and embark on the ideal outdoor life scene. This photo was taken with a random mobile phone. Every time I see a beautiful thing, I can’t help but share it with my mobile phone. It’s like sharing my mood at that time. Now when I think about these photos, I will recollect the time. Beautiful mood. Camping activities here need to apply in advance, and I hope everyone here loves nature, loves nature, and does not pollute it.”

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