Presidential suites in 5 luxury resorts in the Maldives

Today is mainly to sort out the three- and four-bedroom villas (presidential suites) of Maldives resorts and private islands of the resort’s outlying islands, such as Baima, Waldorf Astoria, etc. Only the four-season Woyawa and Coco private islands that are chartered are not listed in this article. Oh.

Velaa Private Island
There are no three-bedroom water bungalows on the Maldives Vela Private Island, but there is a one-bedroom water bungalow with a romantic pool in the lagoon. Today I’m talking about a four-bedroom sand house villa (general suite). In fact, there are 5 houses in total, but one of them is owned by the Czech island owner of Vera. They all have their own names. They are Kuredhi, Nika, Nirolhu, Funa. The owner of the island lives in Madhoshii. Are they going to be neighbors?

🏠Area: 1324 square meters
🥣Accommodation: 8 adults🧍‍♂️+2 children🧒
🏊 Swimming pool: 65 square meters

💰Reference price: The cheapest off-season this year and next year is $17,600++/night; at the beginning of this month, guests in Dubai are living in the following four-bedroom villa, with a spacious living room and an oversized bathroom. It is really suitable for a small range of parties. .

Soneva Jani
Soneva Jani originally had a four-bedroom and five-bedroom slide house. Today I want to talk about their newly launched two-stage four-bedroom house. What are the advantages of the second stage over the first stage? In addition to improvements in room materials, the price of the second phase includes all-inclusive (beverages, SPA, sea, deep diving, etc.). In addition to the high room rate of the first phase, even the superimposed AI only includes drinks, so the second The period is a bargain.

🏠Area: 1421 square meters
🥣Accommodation: 8 adults🧍‍♂️+2 children🧒
🏊 Swimming pool: about 60 square meters

💰Reference price: this next year will be the cheapest time in the off-season for $26,140++/night for a four-bedroom slide house. The color is light blue, and the wall uses recyclable polystyrene to help keep the room cool and reduce the sound of wind and waves; The roof uses aluminum material instead of the original steel material, which has been improved in many ways.

White Horse Manor Cheval Blanc Randheli
The largest on the island of the White Horse Manor is the two-bedroom sand house, with an area of ​​only 355 square meters. Then we have to talk about the private island of the White Horse Islands, which can only be reached by boat. The gym, SPA, and kitchen are all available. It can be said to be a very local tyrant, and it can also be used as a wedding venue. Due to hotel maintenance and repairs to the trestle bridge, it is estimated that it will resume business in September this year. 🏠Area: 2200 square meters

🥣Accommodation: 8 adults🧍‍♂️4 children🧒
🏊 Swimming pool: about 161 square meters
💰Reference price: price is now inquiring

This kind of outlying private island can also share the resort’s other facilities and restaurants, which can be private and quiet, and can also join in the fun. Compared with the resorts that only accept islands, they have their own advantages. Many Middle Eastern and European owners like this private island. . If you have to say that this private island has any shortcomings, it is that there is no water house.

Waldorf Ithaafushi Private Island
As the highest brand of the Hilton Group in the Maldives, Waldorf Astoria has received rave reviews since its opening. Apart from a few complaints from the initial run-in, it is considered the best among the many islands that have opened in the past two years. Before talking about the private island of Waldorf Astoria, I will briefly talk about this romantic independent water house, which is a bit similar to Vera’s romantic water house. In the lagoon, boats go back and forth. In fact, three people can live in it. Romance, you know everything you know.

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In addition, Waldorf Island also has three-bedroom sand house villas and three-bedroom water house villas, especially the three-bedroom water house villas have two swimming pools. The area is less than 1200 meters and can accommodate 6 large and 3 small occupants. The number of words is limited, let’s talk about it here. A private island under the outlying islands.

🥣Accommodation: 18 adults🧍♂️6 children🧒
💰Reference price: 80000-85000 ++ 23.3% /night

The private islands on the outlying islands not only have four-bedroom sand house villas, but also three-bedroom sand houses and two-bedroom water houses. This configuration is comparable to the four-season private islands. Jokingly, the two-bedroom water house deck can be run. It’s really awesome!

Regis The St. Regis Vommuli
Speaking of the St. Regis Maldives, many people know that Wang Sicong’s same hotel on the island of Maldives has made this hotel known to more people after the island’s package in 2013. The actual room rate of St. Regis in Maldives is relatively lower among all St. Regis hotels in the world. High, all the St. Regis hotels in the world, the most expensive room type is named after the founder and his mother, Wang Sicong lives in the three-bedroom water house suite John Jacob Astor, the current St. Regis total suite fee includes CIP fee . I only talk about the three-bedroom water house here, but I won’t start talking about the three-bedroom sand house.

🏠Area: 1540 square meters
🥣Accommodation: 6 adults🧍‍♂️4 children🧒4 followers
💰Reference price: The price is now inquiring about 20000++

This water house actually has four single servant rooms, which means that you can bring a nanny, chef, and bodyguard. It should be the largest three-bedroom water house villa in the Maldives. It is really huge. There is a diving on the second floor. Taiwan, gym, spa, kitchen, etc. Last month, American guests stayed in this room for a few nights and took a lot of beautiful photos, which are comparable to the official website.

Of course there are more three- and four-bedroom villas, I can’t list them one by one.

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