Van Gogh and Lavender Sunflower

Continue to look through the photos taken during the previous trip, and recommend the places that I have visited that are particularly interesting to everyone. I hope that the epidemic will pass soon and I can go out and take a look again.

This trip to South France starts from Barcelona and ends in Nice. From this time on, I slowly fell in love with Van Gogh, and then followed Van Gogh to the Netherlands. I also saw the original starry sky at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. If you have been to South France, you can appreciate the source of Van Gogh’s creative passion. If you come here in July, you will also fall in love with it.

Let me talk about my own point of view. Traveling is also a way for children to learn. There are so many things in the world that we need to be familiar with and explore. It is definitely not limited to learning other languages. Language is just a tool, and more important than it is to get to know the unfamiliar culture and history, the humanities and life of other countries. So, take your daughter to taste the food of other countries, familiarize yourself with traffic routes and public signs, appreciate different forms of architecture, experience different kinds of religious phenomena, experience getting along with strangers, adapt to various climate conditions, and even there. Different smells in the air.
When you go to a strange place, you will always hear the children telling that this is different from ours, this is the same, and there will always be comparisons, what is better and what is not good. We have opened our eyes wide in this comparison. When the world we see is bigger, we can be more tolerant and easier to accept and respect each other’s differences.
The ancients said that it is better to travel thousands of miles to read thousands of books. Before this trip, we were watching related documentaries and movies with our daughter, and we also bought some books to explain to her in advance. There are also many interesting apps on the ipad. After arriving in a strange country, she began to verify the information she had learned before. Is it consistent with everything in front of me? I walked through the Louvre enthusiastically, looking for the weird bell ringing in Notre Dame de Paris, and replied “Bonjour, Ciao” to the person who greeted her with a cat-like voice. When children face unfamiliar environments again and again as they grow up, then the various unfamiliar environments they will face when they grow up will not make her feel scared.
Many people will say that children are too young, what can they remember when they go abroad before the age of 6? Let alone younger children, they don’t understand anything. In fact, this is our misunderstanding of children. Normally, we judge whether a person has acquired something, and we will use his expression as the criterion for judgment. But for a child in the physical and psychological growth period, her expressive ability is not enough for her to clearly and effectively express her gains, so the adults arbitrarily say that the age is too young to be of no use to children. I can’t remember it later. I personally think that even if you don’t take her abroad, often seeing, hearing, and feeling the same and different in different environments is a kind of growth in itself. I like that sentence, LIFE IS NOT A DESTINATION, BUT A JOURNEY.

Departing from Barcelona in the early morning, going all the way north, passing Perpignan and Montpellier, at noon we arrive at Avignon, a small town in southern France, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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