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Boring on a cruise ship? That’s because you haven’t seen the free “Victoria Secret Show”

The first day was full of freshness, so the waves were relatively finished, and floating on the sea to make the cabin slowly ups and downs was really a sleep aid, so I woke up naturally when I fell asleep the next day. Although awake is awake, but there is not much motivation to walk out of the room. After lying on the bed, I went to the balcony to watch the sea and aired for a few back and forth. I flipped through today’s voyage guide and found that the evening performance was quite rich, so let’s arrange today’s main activities at night.

Choosing where to eat on the boat is basically not a problem. The sailing buffet restaurant has rich dishes and is very popular; several free western restaurants have elegant environments and rich dishes; the environment and dining standards of paid restaurants will be better, but this time we I prefer to taste local Japanese food after landing, so I did not experience the paid restaurant on board.

It feels good to be free from work pressure. After spending most of the time on the boat and sofa in the room, we started to go to the restaurant in the evening. This time we changed to a free restaurant. The dishes are the same as the previous teak, and the waiter sleeps. Promoting lobsters and other self-financed items in paid restaurants. After simply ordering the three sets of meals, we leisurely enjoyed the scenery and food.

After the meal, there is still some time before the evening performance. At this time, the sun has set, the temperature is cool and pleasant, and the night life on the deck has begun. The open-air cinema next to the pool is showing Hollywood blockbusters, and the Polaris viewing cabin has also been lifted off. However, there is not much scenery on the sea at night, and the feeling of boarding the North Star at a large price and being rocked in the air does not seem to be good.

During the day, deck skydiving and deck surfing events, which are very popular during the day, are closed to thank guests in the evening, leaving only a bear, a mascot, to guard the empty gate.

The sea breeze in the evening is still a bit strong, so let’s go indoors. SeaPlex, a marine multipurpose sports hall on the deck, is a good choice. The first floor here is a standard-size basketball court during the day, which will be adjusted to a roller skating venue or a bumper car venue at certain times.

When we arrived, a very competitive middle-aged and elderly bumper car grand prix was being held here. All the middle-aged and elderly players on the field were full of energy, constantly pushing themselves and the bumper cars they controlled to the limit. There is just a small problem. The players are not competing and colliding, but racing around the venue. Running in circles counterclockwise made the players feel the speed, but did not make the audience feel passion.

There is also an X-BOX console game and a table tennis table upstairs, both of which will come back to check in on the following sailing days.

Well, it’s almost time, it’s time to go to the Royal Theatre to enjoy the evening performance. At night on the ship, performances with different themes are usually arranged, and the genre is mainly musical. Because the actors are all foreign nationals, the theme of the musical cannot be appetizing of domestic tourists. This may also be the reason why many people are not cold about the performance, but what I want to say is that if you go there, you will definitely think the performance is worth it!

Because of the copyright involved, I will focus on replaying a few photos of the performance site, just click and stop. As for whether it is worth seeing or not, judge for yourself.

The lyrics in English can help Chinese tourists sleep, but the sound and light stimulation on the stage can pull you back from your dreams at any time. The image of all the actors is good and good temperament. The key is that the service style similar to the Victoria’s Secret Show is really eye-catching.

The dancers are tall and straight men, feminine and feminine, and their dance moves are full of power. The singer’s voice conditions are also able to feel the profound skills when they open their mouths, the key is that they are really singing! If it is placed in the entertainment industry, it can completely crush those idols who dance softly and sing only by a million tuner.

The whole performance lasted nearly two hours, and the rich stage changes and the superb performance of the actors almost made the performance almost no urine. After the performance, the entertainment director on the Quantum of the Seas came to the stage and talked to everyone. At the same time, he would talk about the activities on the ship and some precautions for landing.

Leaving the Royal Theatre with unsatisfactory interest, passing by the Royal Mile Cafe, where artists play violin and folk guitar. If you don’t like the magnificent musicals in the Royal Theatre, then ordering a glass of wine here and enjoying the music quietly is also a good pastime.

Friends who love to drink can try the robot bar. All kinds of wine are placed on the top. The two robotic arms will automatically extract bottles and start bartending according to your order. The sense of technology is full, but the matching wine glass is slightly broken, and the sense of ritual is still not enough.

Go back to the house and rest your feet, and then run to the stern again. There are also new projects in the Two70° studio. This time it’s not a performance, but an electronic pyrotechnic show. Let’s take a look at the huge moon created by projection and sound, and then fireworks lift off. After being blown up by the on-site effects, the staff who were very able to mobilize the atmosphere began to invite visitors to the battle dance.

It seems that these crew members still know the age group and hobbies of the tourists. It is the middle-aged and elderly tourists who are taking the lead, after all, they can all be ranked in the square dance world. The tourists who couldn’t let go at first followed the crew to dance the “broadcast gymnastics”, and after the atmosphere was in place, they began to play freely. After watching the large-scale dance live show for a while, we decided to go back home. It was almost 11 o’clock in the evening.

With the homework done on the first day to familiarize himself with the environment, the pace of the second day on the boat slowed down significantly. But the slow pace did not affect our check-in at various entertainment facilities, and there was no delay in dining. After eating and drinking and enjoying the audio-visual feast, Quantum Ocean’s second sailing day ended successfully.

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