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Feelings about watching the Olympics! To Japan and the world that will never go back

Japan is the second most frequent country I have visited, and it is also a country I want to visit again after I leave. The core attraction is the traditional Han and Tang style derivative buildings and custom rituals, as well as the prosperous and noisy crowded scene. But now things are not people, and tourism-related industries have been greatly impacted. Drugstores, duty-free shops, and middle-aged stores with Chinese as the main source of customers are ushering in a wave of bankruptcy. Even in the context of the Tokyo competition, they are still pretty good. There is no life.

Shibuya, the most trafficked intersection in the world, had a spectacular scene of turbulent crowds crossing the road from all directions. After suffering the baptism of the epidemic, it became an ordinary intersection. The reduction in the popularity of the flow of people has spawned the transfer of offline sales to online e-commerce. It is not difficult to predict that even if the epidemic is completely over, the flow of people will not return, and will be replaced by couriers and takeaways.

The first time I went to Japan did not have a clear purpose. It was just that I had been to the United States and Europe too many times. The magnificent churches, futuristic buildings, and natural landscapes were a bit aesthetically tired. Therefore, we should also shift our eyes to Asian countries not far away, the only one in Asia. Developed countries, Japan, are naturally preconceived. Take advantage of the National Day Golden Week to take children who have just turned one year old for a leisure trip around Tokyo.

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