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Summer beach dress-the answer to the tuition fee

Summer is here, and you can’t get around the sun and sand when you go out to play. Basically, male compatriots play at the beach and wear more casual clothes. They are not as particular as lesbians when they go out in the sun. After all, they are not the ones who suffer.

Many years ago, the company organized everyone to go to Bali for the annual meeting at the end of the year. I basically took two vests and a pair of swimming trunks and left. The result was a big loss.

When I arrived in Bali, apart from staying in a hotel and performing a show one night to draw a prize, everyone was scattered out at other times. A bunch of us packed a car to see the girls at Kuta Beach. A group of people sitting on the beach felt that they should find something to do after a long day, so they stared at the small wooden house on the beach where someone taught surfing. Think about it, everyone has never played this stuff before. So after the exchange and bargaining in English, which both sides did not know well, I bought a surfing teaching course for one person for one hour at a price of 100,000 rupiah.

I didn’t think so much at first, so I changed my swimming trunks, put some sunscreen on my face and shoulders, and went out. In the beginning, I was teaching on the beach, posing on a surfboard, and talking about the main points.

Then everyone carried the surfboard into the water, the coach was behind, and when a wave came, we followed the wave to help push the board, and then we took the opportunity to turn over the board and follow the wave for a short period of time. It feels a little harder to learn than skateboarding, and you need to master balance. In this way, I went up and down very happily, and I went up and down all afternoon. After a long time of tossing and tired P, I came to dinner by the beautiful sunset at the beach, which was very beautiful.

However, after going back to sleep at night, the problem came. The girls in the same group have been going up and down, up and down, stepping on the reef on the bottom of the sea, with wounds on their legs and feet, and the whole company pooled medicine boxes to find disinfectant. This is the first, and the second is the rest of us. Because there is no special protection, the sunscreen is ordinary. The back of this person, from the neck to the ankle, is all swollen from the back. It’s very painful, it hurts like a needle stick. In turn, I took a picture like a crab in a steamer. This sunburn, almost a month after I came back, the whole back leg and back arm had taken off a whole layer of skin.

After suffering a big loss this time, I began to think of a solution. To solve the two problems of foot scratches and sun protection, people who are with us have a solution. You need a pair of brook shoes on your feet and a long-sleeved swimsuit on your body. Even surf-specific waterproof heavy-oil sunscreens are not as good as physical sunscreen long-sleeved swimsuits.

Before, I always wondered why many girls wore long-sleeved T-shirts to swim in the water, thinking they were shy and didn’t want people to see their swimsuits. When I wore long sleeves to the beach several times, I realized that there is not much resistance when swimming with this thing. Those who can’t swim still can’t swim. Those who can swim won’t affect it, but this thing is really sunscreen. The mesh-faced river tracing shoes are also much more comfortable than flip-flops. The waves will not run away. Although it may be more uncomfortable to get into the sand, you can safely touch the bottom in the water without fear of injury.

In addition, you can bring a waterproof bag when you go to the beach. This thing can even be used as a float. It is also very convenient to put a mobile phone, camera, passport or something inside.

Later, I took this whole set of things to Sri Lanka to fish, and went to the Red Sea to get into the water, and finally enjoyed a peaceful vacation life.

Decathlon sells all these things, and it doesn’t cost two hundred dollars to add them together, and you can choose a variety of colors. If you want to buy expensive ones, you can look at Adidas or something, but I have never seen such shoes and bags sold in Adidas stores in China.

May everyone have the life they want.

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