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Summer in Hokkaido

The summer in Dalian is getting hotter and hotter. This summer, I plan to go to Hokkaido to escape the heat. The time is scheduled from the end of July to the beginning of August. I’ve been to Japan seven or eight times, and I’ve been reading other people’s travel guides in the hornet’s nest. This time I decided to write it myself, leaving a memorial for myself and a reference for others.

Overall situation

Since there was no direct flight from Dalian to Sapporo at the time of booking, they were all connecting flights. As a result, China Southern Airlines opened a direct flight soon after booking. . . Airplane: Outbound, All Nippon Airways, Dalian-Osaka-Sapporo. On the return trip, Air China, Sapporo-Beijing-Dalian; later changed to ANA Sapporo-Osaka-Dalian. The whole process is United Airlines mileage exchange. On the return trip to Beijing, I wanted to get home on the same day, but I didn’t expect to change my accommodation in Osaka at the end: I stayed in Hokkaido for 9 days, with a family of six people. 7 days hotel, 2 days homestay, here is a long-winded sentence, because the temperature in Hokkaido is low, I have encountered a homestay and a hotel with fans but no air conditioning, it is a bit hot when the windows are not open, so you must make sure when you book your accommodation Pay attention to the air-conditioning situation, which is not standard in Hokkaido. Eat: Rely on tabelog, travel notes, friends, recommended by public comment, the most expensive meal is Michelin-recommended rotundai, the four major snacks cost more than 20,000 yen. . . Transportation: rent a car, eight Honda buns stepwgn, good space, a bit expensive in peak season, but the two share the same price as the previous note renting is also the same route: around most of Hokkaido, the main attractions have been visited, and the baby didn’t take a lot of roads. The time for each attraction is not long. It seems that the journey is a bit long, but I actually arrive at the next residence at four or five o’clock every day. I take a break and wander around for dinner. I am not tired. Wear: Although Hokkaido in summer is not very hot, it is not as cold as expected. The trousers I wear are basically worn only once, and the shorts and shorts will not feel cold. The following journal records the itinerary

D1: Dalian-Osaka

In the afternoon flying to Osaka, the cabin entertainment equipment is good, but it’s not the big plane that flies to Tokyo without color-changing glass. The children gave toys (four times ANA collected four different toys). The food was delicious, but there was no Haagen-Dazs of JAL, and the on-board wifi was charged. Kix is ​​a maritime airport. The process of landing at the runway was recorded with an aircraft camera, which is quite interesting. The plane arrived on time, Osaka is extremely hot, 34 degrees, Rinku Town Ole just walked around for an hour and stayed at the small hotel near Rinku Town Station, ready to fly to Sapporo early the next morning.

D2: Osaka-Sapporo (Lake Shikotsu, Jigokudani, Lake Toya)

In the morning, it rained heavily in Osaka, and Didi couldn’t call the car. Be prepared to pay a taxi at the front desk to go to the airport. Amazingly, the rain stopped when we were going out, so we hurried to the station. The aircraft is still ANA, with small toys as standard. There is no cabin entertainment on the domestic flight segment but free WIFI, which does not affect self-entertainment at all. ANA arrived at New Chitose on time. Because the companions had not arrived yet, we swayed at the New Chitose Airport and took the children to New Chitose’s Doraemon Paradise. To be honest, it’s a bit of a pit, too small, it’s not recommended to spend. Money goes. The royce factory next to Doraemon is very interesting to see. The bread of royce bakery is good, but it is too sweet, so you can eat less and try. It’s too early. I picked up the car from the car rental company and went to rera Ole near the airport. There are not many shops and the price is okay. After shopping, I picked up my friends and officially started the summer trip to Hokkaido. Note: The parking lot of New Chitose Airport is huge during summer weekends, especially the parking lot a. Along the Panshan Road, I arrived at Lake Shikotsu first. Lake Shikotsu is very large and there are a few people on the shore, but the water is very cold. The children can’t wait to step in the water and come back trembling. . . All kinds of information say that Hokkaido’s milk quality is very good, and ice cream is delicious, and it is delicious if you buy it. So this time the children also reached the configuration of at least one ice cream a day, and they drink milk every morning and evening. The taste is really good. Next is Jigokudani, the smelly sulfur smell, just look at it and it’s ok. The earth cape gave up and did not go, his father had been there before and it was normal. In the evening, stay in a guest house, a lake-view room by Lake Toya. The supermarket bought meat, vegetables, fish and shrimp. In the evening, I went to Lake Toya to watch the fireworks and went back to bed and sleep.

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